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Community Service

Helping your fellow citizen and lending a hand is a God given basic human need and desire. At Premier Internet we can empower you to lend a hand in your community as an offshoot of doing business.

A business exists to make a profit. An aspect of any business, however, is the humanity involved.  Everyone is familiar with the term "Win-Win" when it comes to partnerships or doing business.  It is no different when a business interacts with the community in which it resides.  A win-win between a business and the community means the business will serve the community from which it derrives business and the employees that work in the business.

At Premier Internet, Inc. we look for those synergies and solutions that enable your business to serve both clientelle and community.  We believe we were created to be in community with others and the win-win is when we are able to serve the needs of others.  For us, the win is in knowing we helped better the lives of those around us.  For The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc., the win-win was a way in which the various brands under the Bon-Ton name could support their community charitable organizations through discounted coupon booklets used as a fundraiser.  Bon-Ton created Community Days events to support this endevour.

What we did was create a web based system for a non-profit organization to sign up to sell booklets online and in the community, and through wich they could learn more about Community Days and how easy it is for each organization to start fundraising.  This program has been so succesful that since 1999 Bon-Ton has helped raise over $112 million for the communities in which it's stores are located.

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